How to start life….

Now I know most of you are like “who the fuck is this weirdo?” Well first I just want tell you some very needed information. I’m 16 going to be 17 and I just realize life isn’t going to wait for you and that you have to make the first move into this unknown world and try not to fall on your faces before you even start. So what I’ll post today has to deal with one thing and on thing only….. how to fucking start your life! Now most of your probably have your life revolved around facebook and Cheetos but let me tell you a secret there is so much more to do then just fucking waste your life doing nothing!  It’s time to get up and stop having a poke war with someone fucking loser on facebook and go the fuck outside!  But before I force you outside or at least somewhere beside the fridge I’m going to give you a few needed tips! Now there are many ways to start having a life but the most fun is making a band! Yep a band, now you might be the definition of the word suck but at least you and maybe some of your friends can actually talk in person instead of  online. Another thing you can do is something you like and I don’t mean go fucking eat pie but do something that makes you feel like your alive! Try painting, singing, reading, baseball, soccer, or even (yes I know this scary) make real friends. Because life isn’t waiting for us and we have to make the first move……

P.s. Hope this helped if not maybe you should try listening to your heart

-xoxo  undetermined


About thingscantbeperfect

I'm growing in a world where things shouldn't be what they are, but because of it I'm brave, daring, and over all undetermined.. Hopefully the world will grow into what we want till then I'll be bitching about life and all its perfect moments....
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